Accepting “speaking fees,” aka legalized bribes, is exactly the kind of immoral behavior Bernie supporters don’t want in a politician. They know that for every billion not paid in taxes by wealthy corporations and individuals, Uncle Sam will leave them on the hook to pay for everything, from the military to social programs.
And they are sick of it. They are also sick of seeing so many of their fellow citizens living in poverty or in jail.
Bernie warned that the agreement with Panama would not economically benefit the United States since Panama’s economy is minuscule by comparison. Correctly, just like his vote on the Iraq War, he voted against it.
It already would have been a tough sell to get Berners to vote for Hillary if she were to get the nomination. The “Bernie or Bust” movement only seems to gain momentum with each contest.
But to openly acknowledge that you aren’t even going to try to win them over and in fact will do your best to “disqualify” their leader (whatever that means) is not politically wise.
To alienate a group of voters who already feel they aren’t being taken seriously by the political establishment will only spell defeat for the Democrats in November’s presidential election.
Jeff Weaver, Sanders’ campaign manager, perhaps put it best. He expressed dismay at Clinton’s new strategy.
“Do not destroy the Democratic Party to satisfy the Secretary’s ambitions to be president,” he said on CNN.
It’s now obvious that Mrs. Clinton doesn’t care.

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Yvonne C. Claes

Yvonne C. Claes is a former newspaper reporter who teaches high school English in Michigan. She loves Bernie Sanders and her two cats.#FeelTheBer